Honeymoon – Day 5

By alex

Hey guys gonna be a short entry for this one as I’m having o write it a day late cos the crumby hotel we stayed at only had wifi available in the lobby!

We set off from Monterey and headed to our next destination: San Simeon.

The drive was beautiful if only ruined by the fog! Damn fog obscured most of the route. We stumbled across a vista point where a load of elephant seals were chilling out (see pics) before heading back north.

About a mile from the hotel we stopped at a place called Hearst Castle. Intrigued about what the Americans called a castle we decided to take the tour! The visitor centre is about 5 miles away from the actual place and we had to get on a coach to get there. The castle was built/owned by William Hearst back in the 1920’s till the 40’s. I won’t go into the history lesson but he had lots of famous people come to visit like Charlie Chaplin and Gretta Garbo. The grounds were amazing. Our tour guide, Tim, said that it was nicknamed the castle but was never called that back when it was in use. All sorts of building styles were utilised in the construction.

After the tour was over we headed to our hotel in San Simeon. What a dive!! No hot water from the taps, towel were tiny, no wifi in the rooms, and to cap it all off there was literally nothing to do or see! We ended up driving 10 miles down the road to the next town to get something to eat.