Honeymoon – Day 4

By alex

Back again! With 2 days of travelling ahead of us we left San Francisco along the i1 Coastal road heading to our first destination on the way to Los Angeles.

After a very lazy 2 hour drive (apart from a couple of times where I had to over take some slow moving vehicles that were ruining our view) we arrived in Monterey. We had planned on going to the aquarium here but decided not to go as we only had a few hours before it was closed so instead we ate at a local fish place which was really nice and located on sort of a jetty thing so it over hung the water. Was really surprised to see some seals in the water!

After that we walked about the shops and found a ‘interesting’ wax works. It tried very hard to explain some of the history about the local area. The sound was terrible, but at least we got to learn a bit of the history.

We decided to go for a drive to Carmel by the sea which was 10/20 mins down the road.

What a beautiful place. I wished the weather was a bit better as the fog made everything a bit colder.

We stumbled upon a housing estate where all the houses were completely different! Crazy architecture like I’ve never seen!



Honeymoon – Day 3

By alex

Hey people! Day 3 dawned with another early start for us here in San Francisco and we decided to go exploring today.

After breakfast we jumped in the ‘Stang and headed to Oakland. I wanted to show Anna a Walmart and that was the closest one! Anna was amazed at how cheap everything is here! I was amazed to see them selling tires!!

After we’d bought some supplies and t-shirts we jumped back in the car and decided to not go back via the bridge. Avoiding toll roads we ended up coming into San Francisco via the 1 road up through Pacifica avoiding all the interstates and sticking to local roads. We followed the coast line for the most part and had a nice lunch at a small place called Crystal Springs Village.

Once we got back to the hotel we walked into the city to Union Square to looking in some expensive shops and headed into a rather disappointing Chinatown.



Honeymoon – Day 2

By alex

Hey people! Had an excellent day yesterday, a good start to the honeymoon so far!

We were woken at 4am ish and decided to head down to IHOP for breakfast at 5am! It was a bit surreal but the food was most excellent!

We returned to the hotel to meet up with the holiday rep and get our pack with all our details in and accommodation info for the honeymoon. We’ve bought tickets to universal studios and a flight from
Vegas around the grand canyon!

After the meeting we went down to pier 39 and booked ourselves onto a tour of Alcatraz. With a few hours to spare before that started we explored pier 39 some more! There are some really cool shops!

Once we were done there we got on the boat to Alcatraz! The island is a very interesting place. We followed the audio tour which provided a lot of insight into the place and really opened our eyes to what life may have been like for inmates. Very much worth a vista of you’re ever in San Francisco!

After we got back we walked down the the pier again and had a late lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. The food was amazing!

After lunch we went for a drive over the golden gate bridge! We were highly disappointed though as we couldn’t see the damn thing!! Fog returned to the bay today and obscured the whole thing! Typical! I found what looked like an interesting spot on the map and drove out there. More fog!

But I got the opportunity to take some nice photos of the mustang in the fog!!

We returned the hotel as we were pretty tired after a very busy day and I passed out at about 7 or 8pm apparently!

More tomorrow!



Honeymoon Day 1

By alex

Hey guys! Going to be keeping a journal on here of my wife and I’s days in America on our honeymoon!

Day 1: Flights and First impressions of San Fransisco.

4am UK time – I’m woken up by Anna and we decide to get up an hour early and get ready for the epic 11.5 hour flight to SF.

We arrived at Heathrow Airport 90 minutes early so we sat around waiting patiently till we were allowed into the main lounge area. Once in we had some breakfast and at 11:00 we were able to board the plane.

The flight was very long! I managed to watch 4 movies I think! Loving the new movies on demand digital players everyone now has access to, even in the economy seats. I took a few pictures from my window seat of the landscape over America (see below)

Once we arrived in SF we made our way through passport control, collected our bags and made our way to the car rentals place.

The guy at hertz made sure that we got the mustang I was hoping for!! She’s beautiful in White!!

The drive to the hotel was somewhat interesting.. People are very impatient! And some of the driving rules at junctions are baffling! Such as being able to turn left at a red light provided you’ve stopped first!! Had some dude behind me beeping his horn making me edge forward a bit and push my way into the traffic. I moved out into a big enough space and then had some irate Dude in a civic giving me grief.

Anna was a bit traumatised by the whole experience! It wasn’t that bad to me so here’s hoping driving later today is better!!

Once we got to the hotel we checked in and decided to pop out for a bite to eat. What we saw of the main road was beautiful. I got a couple of cool pictures. We ate at a burger place called Carls. It was good! The milkshake was amazing.

On the way back to the hotel it was just getting dark and we’d seen a fair number of homeless people and the usual weirdos and crazy people in the street but one of them ran up to Anna with his hands all scary like going booooooo!!!! Anna hadn’t seen him till he was all up in her face! He didn’t touch her or anything but it was so funny!

So that was day one! We were really tired when we got back to the hotel, I passed out but we were both woken up at 3am and I decides to post this!

More later today!



7 Days till I’m Married…Weeks from Cataclysm…

By alex

Hey people – time for an update!

As many of you now know we’re only a few short weeks away from the next expansion and with that in mind I’ve been on a mini wow break.

Not done any raiding for about 2 months now – dont wanna get too burnt out for the expansion and all the crazyness thats going to bring!

Also I’m getting married in 7 days!  Yep thats right! Married!
I cant wait for the honeymoon! My beautiful Anna-Louise and I will be jetting off to the Golden Coast  – 2 weeks in California doing a fly-drive tour of the state.

Starting in San Francsisco, following the coast south through Monterey/Carmel then down to San Luis Obispo. From there we head to L.A for a few days then a medium to long drive to Las Vegas!! Hoping to see lots of cool stuff there! After a couple of days in Las Vegas we then head down to San Diego then back to LA to fly back home to the UK.

I’m going to see if I cant at least get to Blizzards HQ to at least take a photo – I’m hoping they do tours of the place, but cant find anything to suggest otherwise! Anyone know if thats possible?

Also does anyone have any suggestions for places to visit?

I’m even more excited as I’ll be driving one of these bad boys!

Oh I really cant wait!!

Anyway – short but sweet today – will post some more about my cataclysm findings soon!