The Dawn of Warlords

By alex

I’m just rubbish at this updates thing now..

I’m not going to make promises about updating the site but I’m going to try at least to document my rise to level 100 over the coming week.

Reflecting back on Mists of Pandaria I have really enjoyed all of the really I have!



There have been highs and lows during the last 2 years for sure.

Pandaria bought with it some really cool stuff: Loads of reps to farm, about a billion daily quests, loads of cool rare mobs with even cooler toys, Really fun and interesting raids, compelling story telling. Its all been great to me, and I’ve really loved the look and feel of the zones, the music, the narration. Brilliant. I hope we hear from Lorewalker Cho again soon!

Tilling was really fun, I look forward to more of that in Warlords of Draenor in the garrisons.

The last couple of months have been a little drawn out – no-one likes waiting for content especially when its been over a year since the last major patch.

The release of 6.0 a few weeks ago has revitalized my connection to the game, going back and solo’ing old content and getting achievements and mounts I’d missed on before, gathering even more gear for transmog!

Anywhoo here are some screenies and a quick video that kinda sums up Mists of Pandaria!



Shrine of the Seven Stars – Interior

Lorewalker Cho and I hanging out!

Shrine of the Seven Stars – Exterior


One of my favorite mounts in Mists

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