The Future of WoW and The Project.

By alex

Hey peeps! Lets get this thing going! New years resolution and all!

So this is probably old news to most but WARLORDS OF DRAENOR is coming this year (hopefully!)


Click for Trailer Link!

I wanted to touch on each of the new features that are coming.

  • New continent of Draenor (7 zones, 1 PvP zone)

This is going to be pretty cool – getting to go back to Draenor before the Outland was formed. One of my favourite zones in WoW is Nagrand so I’m really looking forward to spending time there again!

  • Build and upgrade your Garrison

The Garrison feature is pretty cool, and about as close to player housing as I think we’re going to get for a long time in WoW. Provided they do it right it could be awesome if they allow for some personal touches to be added to it.

  • A level 90 character upgrade—play immediately!

This one has caused some controversy in the community I’m all for it! Its going to allow me the opportunity to roll a class I’ve been a little lazy in leveling; either a Warrior, Monk or Priest. It also looks like they’re adding the ability to purchase additional 90’s. I’m guessing that Blizzard are gearing up for a Free to Play model as this is how most MMO’s are now-a-days. I could be wrong about that, but its nice for us people who have a large amount of 90’s! (Paladin, Mage, Shaman, Warlock, Druid, Hunter, and I have a Rogue at 88 and Death Knight at 86)

  • New player character models

Now this really is exciting! From what we’ve seen so far everything is looking amazing! I cant wait for more pictures and models to play with on the WoD page to look at.

  • 6 new Dungeons and 2 new Raids
  • New class talents and permanent ability bonuses
  • New Challenge modes
  • New Battlegrounds and World Bosses
  • New Normal and Heroic Scenarios

Run of the mill stuff here.

  • Heroic versions of 2 classic Dungeons

Always happy to go back and do hard versions of classic dungeons! It’s always worked really well in the past, Deadmines being a really good example of how the re-worked it to fit in with the new lore for the Westfall area.

  • Level cap raised to 100

Back to the 10 levels in an expansion! Along with the item level squash.

  • Refined quest system with hundreds of new quests

Intrigued to see how this will work and what changes are happening.

So on top of all that I played through most of Pandaria, after not doing too much in Cata till the end really due to Family commitments(Had a baby!!) Our guild had been doing really strong till the current patch and everything sorta fell apart. Everyone is pretty much on a break at the moment including myself.

I’ve been filling my time on The Project! “Whats that Alex?” I hear you cry! Well My sister and I have decided to go to the London midnight release for Warlords IN COSTUME!

I’ve decided on a Stormwind Guard:


I’ve started things off with the shield – it seemed a logical place to get started as its a pretty big part of the costume. Its constructed of 3 large parts layed together then I build it up with paper mache, applied 2 straps.

2013-12-01 21.57.59 2013-12-16 22.08.41

I’ve applied the Stormwind Logo to the shield now and its starting to take shape!

2014-02-01 20.30.42

Next I started working on the tabard. This has been a real test of my patience!! My poor fingers! I printed out a Stormwind Logo, and cut out the peices and cut out the logo in felt then sewed it onto the tabard i purchased from eBay. I got my mother to help with the ribbon as she has a sewing machine.

2014-01-08 21.31.25

2014-01-15 22.22.12

2014-01-17 21.39.59

2014-01-18 22.35.37

Its looking pretty cool and just needs a few bits sewed on to complete it.

Next I’ve started working on the pauldrons. I have a wow model viewer so I can really examine the pieces up close to see whats required and get a real close up as well.


2014-01-31 22.12.13

2014-01-31 22.11.56

2014-01-31 22.11.49I think I’ve got the height ok!!

2014-02-01 17.27.15Using the hot-glue gun I’ve made it really sturdy, doubled up on all the cardboard etc so its pretty strong. I’ll be adding a layer of card-foam as well so it should be pretty rock solid and less cardboardy.

Anyway, that’ll do for now! Hope there’s anyone at all out there reading!!

Let me know in the comments!




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OMG! A blog post…. Your alive!

I guess my old blog, blog links still works :)

Very interesting project for London Midnight Release of WoD.

I know right!! I’m aliiiiiiiiiiive!!!

Update tomorrow with more!

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